Winter 2018-2019

On a freezing December morning, 300 people enduring homelessness received new winter boots, socks, gloves and more at our annual winter boot party. Held in the annex building at Christ Church Cathedral, the event drew more than 100 volunteers from throughout the area.

Among those most in demand: our team of volunteer podiatrists, who provided 225 medical foot exams. Also popular: our “gentle touch” team, giving foot massages and words of encouragement.

Despite the cold, warm hearts ruled. There were smiles, thanks, whispered words of gratitude, and a juggler, amusing kids and adults alike. And there were countless acts of kindness.

A volunteer and his wife gave the parka that he was wearing to a homeless man who had only a thin hoodie. So grateful for his new pair of winter boots –and now unexpectedly, a warm coat—the man wept. So, did our volunteers.

This is how we kicked off our 2018/2019 season of giving.

Since our event on Dec. 8, we have continued to distribute boots, socks and other aid to our homeless friends. We are so grateful to our volunteers and donors for helping make all of this possible.