About FwC

Most homeless people lack decent footwear and regular foot care. To make matters worse, they tend to walk everywhere in all kinds of weather. In Hartford, CT, Footwear with Care (FwC) is changing this dynamic. Read more →

Latest Updates

Winter 2020 Update–We helped 404 people in need at our winter event, hosted by UConn, Hartford at its student center. Post event, we continued to help people in need. Read More

Winter 2019-2020 — You are invited to support our Winter Boot Party, Saturday, Dec. 7 at UConn Hartford as we help our homeless friends in Hartford prepare for winter with new boots, warm socks, medical foot exams and much more. Read more

Spring 2019— Join our team April 6 at Dunkin’ Donuts Park as we hold our Spring Shoe Party, with U Conn alums, U Conn, Hartford,  and our crew of awesome volunteers. Read more    

How You Can Help

We’re always happy to receive donations, and we always welcome volunteers. Read more →